In the classroom we sometimes need a snack. This website bundles different snacks for different ages and different categories. Something for everyone. Do you want to share your snacks yourself? Then make sure you create an account and you can add all your favorite snacks. Do you not always have access to the website in the classroom? ...
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Click Wrong Color

1 box has a different color, can you find it? Attention it is becoming increasingly difficult There is also a black and white version and a race against time.

Scrabble Counter & Score Keeper

This app allows you to enter your word. You can add additional letter values or word values yourself and have your score calculated. You can then assign this to the right player.

Safety First Soundboard

Some of the memorable / funny statements of Safety First, bundled in a soundboard for at appropriate (and inappropriate) moments to play.


This app contains the most hilarious statements from the series KAFkA on the Flemish television channel VTM.